Academic Calendar

Composition Major

Plan of Study Grid
Year IICredits
MUSC 201 Theory III: Jazz Harmony and Analysis 3
MUSC 207 Songwriting I 3
MUSC 208 Songwriting II 3
MUSC 211 Composition I 3
MUSC 212 Composition II 3
MUSC 213 Ear Training III 3
MUSC 214 Ear Training IV 3
MUSC 215
Functional Keyboard I
or Accompanying I
MUSC 216
Functional Keyboard II
or Accompanying II
MUSC 263 Introduction to Music Technology and Production 3
MUSC 294 Performance Ensemble 1 0
MUSC 295 Performance Ensemble 1 0
MUSC 361 Introduction to Music Career Management 3
Elective - 100 level or higher 3
Year III
MUSC 202 Theory IV: Chromatic Harmony 3
MUSC 221 Applied Instrument I 1.5
MUSC 222 Applied Instrument II 1.5
MUSC 313 Arranging I: Introduction to Arranging 3
MUSC 314 Arranging II: Arranging for Large Ensembles 3
MUSC 326 Composition III 3
MUSC 327 Composition IV 3
MUSC 396 Performance Ensemble 1
MUSC 397 Performance Ensemble 1
MUSC 427 Cultural Studies of Music 3
Electives - 200 level or higher 6
Music Option - See list below 3
Year IV
MUSC 415 Orchestration 3
MUSC 416 Scoring for Film and Other Visual Media 3
MUSC 417 Composition V 1.5
MUSC 418 Composition VI 1.5
MUSC 424 Ethnomusicology 3
MUSC 426 History of Electro-Acoustic Music 3
MUSC 474 Graduation Recital and Portfolio (Composition) 1 0
Elective - 200 level or higher 3
Music Options - See list below 9
 Total Credits92

Students must take a minimum of 3 credits in Music Technology Options and a minimum of 3 credits in Music Career Management Options

Note: Not all option courses are offered in every year

Music Career Management Options

Course ID Course Name Credits
MUSC 362The Business of Music3
MUSC 476Health Issues and the Professional Musician3
AGAD 209Publicity and Media Relations in the Arts3
AGAD 225Performing Arts Management3
AGAD 226Museum and Gallery Management3
AGAD 227Managing in the Music Industry3
AGAD 300Practicum in Arts Management3
AGAD 301Cultural Policy and Advocacy3

Music Education Options

Course ID Course Name Credits
MUSC 341Woodwind Techniques3
MUSC 344Brass Techniques3
MUSC 345Percussion and Rhythm Instruments3
MUSC 431Conducting Techniques3

Music Technology Options

Course ID Course Name Credits
MUSC 253Live Sound Reinforcement I3
MUSC 254Live Sound Reinforcement II3
MUSC 364Applications in Music Technology I3
MUSC 366Introduction to the Recording Studio3
MUSC 465Applications in Music Technology II3
MUSC 467Recording Studio Production3
MUSC 468Acoustics3

Other Options

Course ID Course Name Credits
MUSC 301Special Project I1
MUSC 302Special Project II2
MUSC 303Special Project III3
MUSC 380Directed Project3
MUSC 482Independent Study3
MUSC 498Performance Ensemble1.5
MUSC 499Performance Ensemble1.5
INTA 360The Arts and Pedagogy3

Note: Two terms of Performance Ensemble (MUSC 498 & MUSC 499) may replace one 3 cr MUSC option