Academic Calendar

Journalism Major

Program of Study

Course ID Course Name Credits
Major Requirements
BCSC 201Foundations of Journalism3
BCSC 210Introduction to News Reporting3
BCSC 313Intermediate News Reporting3
BCSC 320Canadian Press and Society3
BCSC 327Online News Reporting: Journalism in the Digital Age3
BCSC 398Professional Field Placement3
BCSC 420Online Journalism Workshop: News Production for Digital Platforms6
BCSC 433Advanced News Reporting3
Journalism Major Option Courses
Select 21 credits of Option courses 21
Professional Communication Minor Requirements
Professional Communication minor required courses, taken under the Core Coursework, must include BCSC 100 and BCSC 200.
Professional Communication Minor Options
9 credits from the courses listed below 19
Applied Communications
Professional Communication
Classical and Modern Rhetoric
Introduction to Technical Communication
Substantive and Structural Editing
Strategic Communication Planning
Rhetoric of Popular Culture
Technical Communication for Digital Applications
The Media and the Message
Magazine Editing
Book Editing
Print Culture Studies
Intercultural Communication
Organizational Communication Theory
Technical Communication: Safety Standards and Policies
Technical Communication for Policy Writing
Publication Editing and Management
Total Credits57

1 In addition to the 9 credits of Professional Communication minor options to be taken, the core required course, BCSC 307, will also be included for a total of 12 credits of minor options.

Journalism Major Options

Course ID Course Name Credits
BCSC 205Introduction to Film Studies and Narrative3
BCSC 207Documentary Film Principles and Practices3
BCSC 211News Production Process3
BCSC 223Introduction to Screenwriting3
BCSC 303Popular Culture and Film Studies: Film Noir3
BCSC 305Popular Culture and Film Studies: Science Fiction3
BCSC 308Communication Law II3
BCSC 322Interviewing Techniques3
BCSC 323Photojournalism3
BCSC 324Arts and Culture Reporting3
BCSC 325Radio News and Documentaries3
BCSC 328Documentary Screenwriting3
BCSC 341Literary Journalism3
BCSC 342Writing for Periodicals3
BCSC 379Public Affairs Data Journalism3
BCSC 415Global Media Systems3
BCSC 421Advanced Online Journalism3
BCSC 422Advanced Reporting and Writing: The Feature3
BCSC 423Broadcast News Current Affairs3
BCSC 424Reporting on Canadian Politics3
BCSC 425Investigative Journalism3
BCSC 426Advanced Seminar in Journalism3
BCSC 499Innovation and Entrepreneurship: New Ventures in Digital Media3

Course Substitutions

Credit Earned in: May Be Substituted for Credit in Program Course:
ENGL 101 ENGL 102 & ENGL 103
JOUR 106 BCSC 210
JOUR 108 or JOUR 156 BCSC 313
JOUR 150 BCSC 211
JOUR 152 BCSC 320
JOUR 154 BCSC 323
JOUR 155 BCSC 424
JOUR 251 BCSC 311
JOUR 257 BCSC 423
JOUR 258 BCSC 325
JOUR 259 BCSC 398
PROW 100 BCSC 100
PROW 115 BCSC 203
PROW 117 BCSC 102
PROW 135 BCSC 215
PROW 205 BCSC 301
PROW 210 BCSC 100
PROW 211 BCSC 100
PROW 250 BCSC 216
PROW 315 BCSC 331
PROW 316 BCSC 342
PROW 331 BCSC 341
PROW 343 BCSC 310