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Psychology Major

Total credits required for major – 42 to 60 credits with a minimum of 36 senior-level credits.

A minimum of nine credits must be completed at the 300-level.

A minimum of six credits must be completed at the 400-level.

PSYC 439 does not satisfy this requirement.

STAT 151 or STAT 161 is required for this major.

Note: Psychology is a competitive major. Psychology applicants are required to have completed PSYC 104, PSYC 105, STAT 151 or STAT 161, and one 200-level PSYC class with no grade lower than C- in any of them. They must also either have completed or be enrolled in PSYC 212 during the winter term when the declarations close. Students will be ranked by their AGPA, which is calculated using their most recent 24 credits of university-level course work, without breaking up a term.

Course ID Course Name Credits
Specific Major Requirements
PSYC 104Introductory Psychology I3
PSYC 105Introductory Psychology II3
PSYC 212Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology3
PSYC 301History of Psychology3
Choose 15 credits from the following:15
Developmental Psychology
Social Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Brain and Behaviour
Principles of Behaviour
General Major Requirements
Choose 15 to 33 credits from senior-level PSYC and PABA15-33
Total Credits42-60