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Philosophy Major

Total credits required for major – 42 to 60 credits with a minimum of 36 senior-level credits.

A minimum of six credits must be completed at the 400-level, including PHIL 401.

Course ID Course Name Credits
Specific Major Requirements
Select 6 credits from the following:6
History of Philosophy
Buddhist Philosophy
Philosophies of China and Japan
Ancient Western Philosophy
Descartes to Kant
Continental Philosophy: Heidegger to Foucault
Select 3 credits from each of the five areas below:15
Metaphysics or Epistemology
Ethics or Social and Political Philosophy
Social and Political Philosophy
Formal Reasoning
Symbolic Logic
Symbolic Logic II
Risk, Choice and Rationality
Senior Seminar
Senior Seminar
400-level Philosophy
PHIL 400-level course 1
General Major Requirements
Select 21 to 39 credits chosen from junior- and senior-level PHIL21-39
Total Credits42-60