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Accounting Minor for Arts and Science

Total credits required for minor – 18 senior-level credits.

A minimum of six credits must be completed at the 300- or 400-level.

Note: The Accounting minor is a competitive minor. Students must complete or be enrolled in ACCT 311 by the Winter term to be considered for this minor. There are 10 seats available in the Accounting minor each year. Students will submit their declaration by January 15. Students who apply will be ranked by their admissions GPA, which is calculated using their most recent 24 credits of university-level course work, without breaking up a term. Applicants with the 10 highest GPAs will be admitted to the program. Students will be notified of the success or denial of their application to the Accounting minor no later than February 1. Students must complete prerequisite courses ECON 102, one of STAT 151 or STAT 161, and potentially STAT 252 depending on the chosen electives.

Course ID Course Name Credits
Specific Minor Requirements
ACCT 311Introductory Accounting3
ACCT 315Intermediate Financial Accounting I3
ACCT 316Intermediate Financial Accounting II3
ACCT 322Managerial Information and Control Systems3
FNCE 301Introductory Finance3
Choose 3 credits from the following:3
Intermediate Management Accounting
Income Tax Fundamentals
Financial Accounting - Advanced
Total Credits18