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Errata 20200109 - Bachelor of Design

Degree Regulations

Progression of Studies

Students are responsible for ensuring they meet the prerequisite and corequisite requirements for all courses.

Junior- and Senior-Level Courses

Courses numbered from 100 to 199 are considered junior level, and courses numbered from 200 to 499 are considered senior level.

Senior-Level Coursework Requirements

A minimum of 72 credits of the total 120 degree program credits must be at the senior level.

Maximum Junior-Level Courses

A maximum of 48 credits at the 100-level are permitted in the Bachelor of Design. Additional courses at the 100-level will be declared extra to the 120 credits required to complete the program and will not be counted toward fulfilment of graduation requirements.

Design Option Requirements

Students are required to complete 6 credits of design option courses. These courses may not be offered every academic term.

Elective Requirements

Students are required to complete 24 credits of electives (defined as courses selected by the student and outside of the Bachelor of Design program), with no more than 12 credits at the 100-level.

A minimum of 9 of those elective credits must be from Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Economics, or BCSC 200).

3 elective credits must be from the School of Business (all courses from the School of Business are eligible except subject codes: TRVL, OAAS, OADM, OALS, OAMS).

All other courses will be accepted as electives for the remaining 12 credits except: ARTE 106ARTE 111AGAD 107BCSC 102ENGL 108ENGL 111ENGL 199ENGL 211, PACT, TRVL, OAAS, OADM, OALS, OAMS, COOP.

Design option courses cannot be used to fulfill elective requirements.

Additional Design Option/Elective Requirements

In addition to 6 credits of design option courses and 24 credits of electives, students are required to complete 21 credits in their choice of either design option courses or electives. Of these 21 credits, no more than 9 credits can be at the 100-level.

Residency Requirements

To meet the requirements of the Bachelor of Design students will complete 50% of the total credit requirements through the University, as governed by Academic Policy C2100 Graduation.

Graduation Grade Point Average

Students must achieve a minimum Graduation Grade Point Average of 2.00 on the 4.00 scale.

Work Integrated Learning

Students choosing to complete internship or field placement courses must comply with Academic Policy C2060 Work Integrated Learning. The University will facilitate the assignment of students in work placements; however, students must take responsibility for securing an acceptable placement and work collaboratively with a university supervisor. Students are required to comply with any employer policies including but not limited to confidentiality, hours of work, intellectual property rights and privacy protection.