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20201020 - Errata Deferred Examination Fee

Mandatory Term Fees

University Mandatory Term Fees Fall or Winter Terms Spring/Summer Term
Information Technology Fee $34.50 (per term) $34.50 (per term)
Medical Clinic1 $11.60 (per term) $11.60 (per term)
Registrarial Service Fee $17.50 (per term) $17.50 (per term)
Sport & Wellness Fee1 $94.00 (per term) $94.00 (per term)

Information Technology Fee

This fee was established to fund technology projects that specifically result in providing new or improved technology services that benefit students.

Medical Clinic

These fees support Health Services for all students. Students who need medical support may drop in or make an appointment at the MacEwan University Health Clinic located near the City Centre Campus.

Registrarial Service Fee

This fee covers a variety of services offered by the Office of the University Registrar, including but not limited to: Application to Graduate, Parchment Replacement, Confirmation Letters and cost of Undergraduate Transcripts.

Sport and Wellness Fee

MacEwan University supports the value of developing the whole person by providing students with opportunities to grow intellectually, socially, personally and physically. The Sport and Wellness fee provides students a membership to Sport and Wellness, funding for Recreation programming and Griffins Athletics.

Students' Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) Charged Term Fees

Information on the Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) is available online:

Students'Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) Mandatory Term Fees Fall or Winter Terms Spring/Summer Term
SAMU General Membership Fee $11.95/credit (maximum of $179.25/term) $11.95/credit (maximum of $179.25/term)
Special SAMU Membership Fee2 $4.66 (per credit, maximum of $69.00 per term) $4.66 (per credit, maximum of $69.00 per term)
SAMU Building Levy1 $35 (per term) $35 (per term)
U-Pass Fee $180 (per term) $180 (per term)
Health Care Benefit Fee $76.75 (per term) -
Dental Benefit Fee $62.45 (per term) -
Global Education Fee1 $3.50 (per term, billed starting at 9 credits) -

SAMU General Membership Fee

The Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) is the student government body that represents and serves MacEwan University students. SAMU is a statutory corporation established under section 93 of the Post-secondary Learning Act that operates offices on all MacEwan University campuses.

Global Education Fee

This fee provides funds to overseas educational projects for underprivileged schools and students ($1); and sponsors refugee students’ attendance at MacEwan University ($2.50).

Supplemental Health Care and Dental Fee

A mandatory Supplemental Health Care and Dental Care fee is charged to all full-time students as apart of the enrolment process. Student eligibility for health and dental plans is determined and assessed in the Fall term for coverage until December 31, and again in the Winter term for coverage until August 31. Any student with proof of alternate coverage for supplemental health care and/or dental care may opt out of these plans prior to the advertised deadline date by contacting the plan administrator. The health plan is above and beyond the provincial insurance plan, and the dental plan has a list of specified dentists. For more information about eligibility, policy content, family add-on, opt out, and current network dental list visit

U-Pass Fee

The University Transit Pass (U-Pass) is a mandatory fee-based service that is charged to all students who are registered for one credit or more in a single term. The U-Pass gives all MacEwan University students unlimited use of regular ETS, St. Albert and Strathcona bus and LRT service from September to August. At MacEwan University, SAMU administers the U-Pass and will attach a U-Pass and will attach a U-Pass sticker on the MacEwan University Student ID card from late August to early September for the Fall term, from December to early January for the Winter term and from the end of April to early May for the Spring/Summer term. For more information, visit

Other Fees 

Fee Description Amount
Challenge Exam/Prior Learning Assessment $40
Course Audit (for students choosing to audit a course versus completing a course for credit) 50% of course tuition
Deferred Examination $50 for single exam; $100 for 2+ exams
Extension to Incomplete Grade $50
Field Placement/Practicum Identification Card $10
Locker Fees per term $20
Locker Contents Reclaiming $25
Non-Program International Student Services $50
Photo Identification Card $10
Photo ID Card Replacement $10
Reassessment of Final Exam $20
Returned Cheque (NSF) $40
Tuition Payment Plan $50