Academic Calendar

20200717 - Addenda Disclaimer and Important Notice

MacEwan University makes every effort to ensure accuracy in all university publications. However, if there is inconsistency with the information as published and that which resides in official university policy, the official university policy will prevail. Further, MacEwan University reserves the right to make changes in the information provided within this academic calendar without prior notice.

The Programs of Study listed in this academic calendar are available for the intake year for which the academic calendar applies. Further, the University reserves the right to change the content or structure of a Program of Study, and all reasonable attempts will be made to notify active program students.

The University also reserves the right to update course content, prerequisites and co-requisites without prior notice. In addition, not every course listed in the academic calendar will be offered every year. Further, the University reserves the right to implement new policies, regulations and procedures which may not be available at time of publication.

The University will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or other expense in relation to any changes to information contained within this academic calendar.

Students are responsible for informing themselves on matters related to admission, program and graduation requirements, and other academic matters including policies, regulations and procedures. Students are also responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their enrolment, and are strongly encouraged to consult with and to seek advice on academic and program planning matters from program and discipline advisors.

By the act of applying to a program and/or enrolment into courses, each student agrees to be bound by the policies and procedures of the University.